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August, 2022: rain, concerts, cruise

We had some torrential rains this month. All the creeks and rivers were at max or flooding, and usually quiet little streams were dangerous currents. Debris (garbage) was washed downstream, even one of the bridges over the creek was washed away. Our back yard flooded again, but fortunately not in the house, just in the yard. It drained away in the next few days but did leave some muddy spots.

We enjoyed several concerts. The first was a pipe organ concert, given at the Myerson. Their pipe organ is world famous and can really fill the hall. Also went to a classical guitar concert, performed by the Romero family. All related, they are famous in their home country of Spain and are much in demand around the world. Then we had a violin concert given by Lucia Macarelli, who thrilled us with some spectacular music – both singing and violin. We ended the month with a Latino Fest at the AT&T Center, featuring Latino dancing, singing, and music.

We had the urge to go on a cruise (was it for the food?) so we found an inexpensive cruise out of Galveston. It went to several ports we had never been to, so we got off the ship to say we had been there. The cruise left from Galveston, so an easy drive and no airfare.

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