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A Looooong lapse

After our west coast trip, I have made no entries on our blog. Some of it may be laziness, but also there isn’t too much happening now. At least, not as much as we were used to, when we still lived in or motor home. There, we regularly moved from place to place, and that is mostly what my blog was about.

But now, we sold our motor home and moved into a regular house. That is, one without wheels. So, we no longer had a regular change in environment to inspire new blogs. But actually, we have done a lot of things, and are still doing them, so I will bring this blog up to date with monthly summaries from May 2022 until now (February 15, 2023). Then we can pick up the regular posts again.

Much of these posts will take pictures from our photo album at http://www.laninga.com. So, if you like a blog here but want to see more pictures, go to the album and select the year and month you are interested in.

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