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Holland, last day

Our family is quite large and spread around the globe. Makes keeping up with many of them difficult, to say the least. In my early teens we lived in Holland, and we were fairly close to the Bolhuis family. This was my aunt Tine (my mother’s sister), uncle Jans, and daughters Hilda, Anneke, Ina and Aukje. Of these, Anneke lives fairly close to where we were staying and she invited us to their house for lunch.

And what a lunch. She made a real Dutch lunch, including Dutch vegetable soup, raisin rolls, krokets, smoked meat, cheese and more. She also gave me some very old family pictures to add to my collection. And yummy fattening things to take home with us.

My brother Chris was born in 1933 and died in 1987. Here are some baby pictures from then.

Left picture: my Mom, her brother Wietze, my Oma, her sister Tine and her brother Jan. Picture taken in Holland in the 1920s. My dad died suddenly when visiting Jan.

Right picture: my Dad, my Mom, uncle Jitse and aunt Remy. They lived in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. Picture probably taken in the 1950s.

My sister Inge, Mom, myself, Oma, Jans and Tina. Probably taken around 1957 at my Oma’s house in Ten Post.

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