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End of the road

We have been living in our motor home for almost 14 years, and enjoyed most all of it. We have been wanting to quit and settle down for the last 5 years, but always found an excuse not to. But this year was different. The warranty on our motor home would expire soon, we are seeing an increased need to visit our doctors, and we wanted to be close to family. So we put the motor home up for sale, figuring it wouldn’t take too long to sell it. But first, we had to find a new home.

It didn’t take too long to find a rental house we liked. Located in Mesquite, it was much closer to Stacy and since Tanya and Shane were about to start a new adventure (more on that later) that seemed like to be the best location. It is relatively quiet, with a green belt in front of us, so looking out the front window we see trees, not suburbs. So we signed the lease papers.

Meanwhile, we had found a buyer for the motor home, and he was willing to work with us as we moved from one to the other. So it was some hectic work, moving all our storage stuff to the new home. We received a lot of furniture from Shane and Tanya (later) and were able to find in stock most anything else we needed. But it will take a lot of adjustment time….

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