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Granby, CO (Day 3)

The third day of the AIM rally had us going for some white water rafting on the Colorado river.  First was a bus drive to the rafting company headquarters, where we were outfitted with most fashionable PFD (can’t call them life vests anymore). From there, a converted school bus took us along some bumpy roads to the raft launching area.

Here we were given some instructions, which proved to be very helpful later.  We then got on our raft for initially a lazy float down the river.  But then some rapids cane along, and I kept my camera in a dry sack.  Such fun in the rapids!  Just class 1 2 and some 3 so nothing too serious.

But then, our guide showed us how to spin the boat while going down the rapids.  Unfortunately, he made a mistake and we bumped into the rocky shores.  Both Romola and I were thrown from the boat, and were now navigating the rapids – without a boat. But we recalled our instructions, pointed our feet downstream, and were finally pulled back in the boat.  

The rest of the trip was uneventful, except our clothes were soaking wet so we were kind of chilled. We were glad to finally get back, take a hot shower, and put on dry clothes. But all in all it was a fun trip and some added thrills for our trip.

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