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Granby, CO (Day 2)

The second day of the AIM rally had options of ATV rides or white water rafting. We chose ATV riding, and were taken by bus to Kremmling, WY, about 30 miles away. There we met the ATV rental people who got us equipped with helmets, an ATV, and instruction.

The ride was supposed to be about two hours long, so Les and I shared riving “duties”.  Navigation was easy, it was all GPS controlled, all we had to do was follow the blue line.  It wasn’t that easy, but after some mistakes we got it figured out.

The first part was on town roads, no issues.  Then we went on ATV paths, which were quite bumpy.  The further we got, the bumpier.  Eventually we ended up at a steep hill, and I drove up it… until our wheels were skidding ad we were stopped.  We were pointed up at a 45 degree angle, I was concerned about sliding backwards.  Romola, who was navigation, switched the ATV to four wheel drive and up we went.  After that, it became easier.

We switched drivers, and Les took over. There were several steep hills, which by now were no problem. But when you get to the top all you see is sky… it’s disconcerting not to see the road going down! But eventually we made it back to the start. A truly interesting day!

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