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Durango; Ouray

We moved our Pikes Peak Roller rally to Durango for the Fourth of July. We had a very pleasant time, good food, good fellowship. Some card games added some high finance spice to the gathering. I believe I won $13!

The last day we drove to Ouray. This takes us from Durango to Silverton, then over the Million Dollar Highway. There was some of the most magnificent scenery you can find. But the driver better keep their eyes on the road, there is a huge cliff right at the side of the road.

We had a nice lunch in Ouray. We did split up as the tourists pretty will filled the town. But we found the Red Mountain Brewery and enjoyed some local craft beer and food.

We were surprised by the weather on the way back. Going over Red Pass we hit a hail/snow storm. And that while it was close to 90 degrees in Durango! We slowed down for safety and made it back in one piece. But that won’t be easy to forget!

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