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Lisbon, Portugal

After a busy 8 day crossing of the Atlantic, our first port of call was Lisbon, Portugal.  We cruised by the two famous statues depicting Portugal’s extensive seafaring history.  Then under the April 25th Bridge over the Tagus River, which was commissioned in 1966.  You’d swear you’re going under the Golden Gate Bridge, the design is identical.  Then past the Christ Statue, officially Sanctuary of Christ the King, a Catholic monument).  This statue is vrtually identical to the one in Rio de Janeiro, and even faces it.  We’ve been in Lisbon before, but it is always a great place to visit. Even better now as the new cruise terminal is right at the foot of Old Town.

We had a excursion planned, but the driver never showed up so we ended up going on our own and taking a good long walk.  Lisbon Old Town is quite hilly, and has cobblestone streets, so it was a good way to get our land legs back.  We walked up to the Castle Sao Jorge, a medieval Moorish castle commanding excellent views of Lisbon from the hilltop.  Then we had a nice local lunch at a side walk restaurants, and found a nice wine bar to taste some really good Portugese wines.  A good day before we head to France, Belgium and Holland.

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