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Lake Louise, Lake Moraine

​On our first day in the BC Rockies we visited Lake Louise and Lake Moraine.  These are the icons of the Rockies, and even now.. with the high season over…. it was a chore to find a parking spot.  But we did, and it was worth it. 

At Lake Louise, we hiked to the Fairview Lookout, a short (1 1/2 mile) but steep hike which ended with a magnificent view of the lake and the Fairview Chateau hotel. At Lake Moraine,  we followed the Lakeshore trail where we enjoyed different views of the lake.   And also a superb view of the Fay Glacier, high in the mountains. 

We were just a little early,  but the Larch trees are starting to change color.  This is the only evergreen tree that drops its needles, but just before they do they turn a magnificent gold color.

The most photographed view of Lake Louise

Looking back at the Fairview Chateau

Looking north on Lake Moraine

Looking south on Lake Moraine

The colors of the water are worth a photograph

Fay Glacier, high up the mountains

The Larch trees are starting to turn

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