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Denali, Alaska

Our Alaska adventure started with an overnight in Anchorage,  where we joined our “Travel with Alan” group.   The next day we took the scenic dome train to Talkeetna, and on to Denali.   While on the train we were lucky enough to catch sight of the Denali mountain itself,  only 30% of Denali visitors actually get to see the mountain. 

The next day we had an excursion deep into the park itself.   Our hide,  a retired salmon fisher,  and an Iditarod participant,  Gabe an excellent overview of life in the wild.   We got to see caribou and a blond grizzly, along with a variety of smaller critters.  No moose,  though. 

Where we were

One of the many rivers

Denali foothills

Denali, the mountain

Blond grizzly

Male caribou

Female caribou

John and Romola

Naomi and Larry

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