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Caribbean cruise on the Jade

We do a lot of cruising,  but never on Norwegian.  So when we saw a very low price on a cruise from Houston,  we decided to give “freestyle cruising” a try.   Especially since they offered upgraded dining.

The ship was the Jade, and we had an inside cabin.  It was small, but for our purpose just fine.   The room attendant was attentive and did a nice job.   The wood finish looked quite rich and attractive.  Our only complaint was location, right above one of the night clubs, made for noisy evenings.

The food was very good, especially the upgraded dining.  No problems there,  although the open dining can get quite busy.  The one problem we did have was that the Asian restaurant used MSG, which Romola is allergic to.   So we skipped that restaurant.

Overall though,  we enjoyed the ship and her crew.  So much, we’re going from Houston to Barcelona on her in April.


The NFL Jade






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