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Faroe Islands

Our destination after Norway was Klaksvik in the Faroe Islands.  These islands, and the small town of Klaksvik, are about half way between Norway and Iceland. Although the Faroe Islands is an autonomously governed country, the residents are Danish and defence and justice is handled by Denmark.

The scenery however was dramatic.  High cliffs, rolling paired with grazing sheep and more waterfalls than you can count.  It was very green and lush.  And visible in the bay were huge floating circular nets, which were salmon hatcheries.

The main industry is fishing and lamb.  The port city of Klaksvik is small, and not set up for tourism.  But we had an excellent hike, about 5 miles up to a  viewpoint that was some 1300 feet elevation gain.  Gotta work of the calories somehow!


The harbor, with old style barb


A rather unique statue. Never figured out what it represents.


Old style house, Viking ship, and harbor


A view from the top


Hey, we made it up to the top!

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