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Murals of Conejos County

Deep in the heart of the San Luis Valley, you can find a impressive set of murals. These murals, painted on structures on public as well as private land, reflect the history of this area. Most of these were by Fred Haberlein, known locally as “Lightning Heart”. He is one of the most prolific mural painters in the country. To see these murals, you will have to drive almost 100 miles through very rural USA. Some roads are even dirt, but the trip is worth it.

Below are a few of the highlights.

"Shepherd's  Sunrise", La Jara

“Shepherd’s Sunrise”, La Jara

"Whooping Cranes", Romeo, CO

“Whooping Cranes”, Romeo, CO


"The old Plaza at Conejos",  Conejos, CO (Inside post office)

“The old Plaza at Conejos”, Conejos, CO (Inside post office)

"Walking in Beauty", Antonito, CO

“Walking in Beauty”, Antonito, CO

OK, just had to throw in this fire plug

OK, just had to throw in this fire plug

"The Great Water Serpent", Antonito, CO

“The Great Water Serpent”, Antonito, CO

"Mimbres Rabbit", Antonito, CO

“Mimbres Rabbit”, Antonito, CO

"The History of San Luis Valley", Antonito

“The History of San Luis Valley”, Antonito

"The History of the Conejos Region", Antonito, CO

“The History of the Conejos Region”, Antonito, CO

"Bronco Busters", Manassa, CO

“Bronco Busters”, Manassa, CO

"The Rams", La Jara, CO

“The Rams”, La Jara, CO

Unknown, in Alamosa, CO

Unknown, in Alamosa, CO

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