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Kickstarter and travel albums

For 5 years, we have been traveling to local and exotic locations. And I have been documenting it with my camera. My photo albums have become popular, so much so, that on our next trip (by cruise ship around South America) one of my goals will be to focus on images for hard bound photo albums. The ship is booked, the travel arrangements are made, and we leave in 4 weeks.

The trip includes some exotic locations, including significant wildlife, nature, local people and habitats. I have put together significant and capable photo gear, have made arrangements for photo storage in the Cloud, so we’re ready to go.

There are however some additional photo opportunities, in remote and beautiful locations. But the only way to get there is to hire expensive local guides. Since I would like to add this to my trip, I need to raise money. To do this, I have started a Kickstarter project called “Circumventing South America”. The link is here:


You can check it out if you like. Of course, there is absolutely no obligation, and the photographic record of our journey will be free on our web site, as always. So travel with us as I will try to keep our blog at http://www.laninga.com up to date, internet willing.

An image from last year's Galapagos trip

An image from last year’s Galapagos trip

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