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La Sal Mountain colors

We wanted to get some pictures of fall colors, after all, this is the peak time.  However, we found that most of the colors have come and gone on this side of the mountains.  We did find that there were colors on the other side of La Sal mountain.

So we drove over, much of it on gravel roads.  We even had to ford a creek!  We went all the way up to the 10,000 foot level at which point the “road” turned into a jeep trail.  Not for my little Honda!  But there was still lots of gold and yellow, but little reds.  But there were some nice spots.

Getting closer to the mountain

Aha! Colors are in sight!

The road takes you right through the aspen stands

Had to ford a small creek to get there


Even the leaf-less trees are attractive

More attractive stands

The “road” is getting smaller

And this is pretty well the end.







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