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Fort Vancouver Lantern tour

Now that the days are getting shorter, Fort Vancouver is hosting their evening events.  Last night, it was the Lantern Tour.  A limited number of people are given lanterns, and Fort Vancouver Guides give tours of the facilities.  There is no electricity or modern facilities, everyone experiences how things were in the 18409’s.

There are volunteers in period costumes to re-enact typical evening activities.  Experiencing an evening in this manner is a lot of fun.  All in all, a very pleasant (and educational)  and interesting evening.

Entrance to the fort

Mike getting ready for the presentations


Eva showing of her dress

Mike and Roma showing how to make fire

Fur press to make shippable bundles

Fur weighing scale

Dr. Barclay and wife discussing events

Kitchen ladies discussing events

Roma explaining the master dining room

Mrs. Douglas and friends in an evening chat










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