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Horsetail Falls

We haven’t done much hiking this year, so with our time in this area limited, and beautiful weather, we thought it was time to get out the old hiking boots.  We took the short drive into the Columbia Gorge and hike the full Oneonta Trail, which leads to three waterfalls.   It was nice to get out again.  We’ll miss being so close to such wonderful scenery when we leave.

Just so we know where we are….

Recent high winds added some obstacles to our hike

Romola isn’t sure if she’s Lewis or Clark

Signs of fall are evident

Oneonta Falls, a small fall along the way

Upper Horsetail Falls. You can walk under the falls

A view from behind the falls

There’s quite a bit of space behind the falls

Lower Horsetail Falls. Easily accesible from the Historic Highway.

  1. September 13, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    Beautiful Pictures!!! I didn’t have enough time to do this hike because my kids were visiting which dictated what I could and couldn’t do.


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