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Flying in a biplane

A while back the Pearson Flight Museum had an open house.  There were lots of display aircraft, as well as flying ones.  But for us the excitement was in being able to get a ride in a 1929 biplane.  At first, Romola was a bit reluctant to go, but after it was over she agreed:  Fantastic!

There is something magical/historical to fly in an open cockpit plane, one with an original radial engine.  The experience… sound, vibration, wind… all add to the feeling.  Here are some images; the aircraft is a 1929 Travel Air E-4000.

Here comes our ride!

Tight fit in that cockpit, sure wouldn’t want to make a long flight!

On takeoff, you can see the Fort Vancouver site itself

Flying over the Port of Vancouver

Shipping on the river

A steep bank over one of the ships

Starting our “crop duster” pass

On the deck, below the tree top level, full speed!

That dike up ahead is looking rather large

Flying over Vancouver Lake, again below treetop level

Another tight bank at full speed over the Lake

There is Fort Vancouver, on the horizon

Making a Fort Vancouver pass. Runway visible.

Lining up on the runway

Back on the ground. That was such fun!















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