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1860’s baseball game

Every year, Fort Vancouver Historic site hosts an 1860’s vintage baseball game. Participants, and many spectators, are dressed in historically correct clothing.  Participating teams are the Shermans (military) and the Vancouver Occidentals (local favorites).

It is quite a spectacular event, and well attended by Fort Vancouver personnel, as well as the general population.  By Northwest standards, it was kind of hot, it was 80 degrees.  No laughter from the Dallas gallery, please!

It was a great game, with the Shermans pulling it off with 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th.  Final score: Shermans, 11 and Occidentals, 10.  Below are some pictures of the event, both the game and the attendees.

The Whiskey River Orchestra provides some topical music

Cassie looking spectacular in vintage dress

More pretty ladies on parade

Even more ladies in their fineries

Discussing pre-game strategies

A hit by the Occidentals

Watching the game

Here comes the pitch

Looks like the shoes are kind of hot….

A big grin from Roman

Having a drink, 1860’s style.. no plastic bottles!









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