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Fort Vancouver – Medicine

Medical care in the 1800’s was primitive by our standards.  Blood letting, leeches, limb removal were all standard operating (pun intended) procedures.  Yet there were doctors, and there was medicine, especially herbal.  Romola has spent quite some time studying the healing methods used, and is doing presentations at the fort to educate visitors.

Since there were no nurses in those days, Romola is dressed as a doctor in order to make a history-true presentation.

Romola is fully outfitted, including top coat and derby, just like the doctors wore in the 1840’s

One room of the doctors living area, adjacent to the infirmary.

The doctor’s family bedroom

Surgical instruments were certainly crude compared to today’s high tech tools

The infirmary, or hospital, certainly was close quarters

The doctor is ready to see patients



  1. Scott
    July 19, 2012 at 5:14 am

    Don’t you know that you guys are supposed to be getting too old to play doctor?


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