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Middle of Nowhere, Texas

In the Middle of Nowhere (Oldenburg, TX pop. 150) you’ll find a typical Texas saloon so you can “wet your whistle”.

A Texas saloon

We’re parked in the Middle of Nowhere (Columbus, TX pop. 3800).  It’s right on the Colorado River, has lots of open spaces and very large native pecan trees.

Parked in Nowhere, Texas.

In Round Top, TX (pop. 90!) you’ll find a beautiful concert hall, built by James Dick, a internationally famous concert pianist.  He was born in Texas, and lives on the property.  It’s a beautiful facility; not just the concert hall but the other building, gardens, and surrounding areas.  Today he gave a concert, and even though Round top is in the middle of Nowhere, some 1,000 people came for a fabulous concert.

Outside view of Festival Hall

A view inside the concert hall

A view to the rear balconies

Waiting for the patrons...

In the middle of Nowhere (Ellinger, TX pop. 471) you’ll find Peters BBQ.  All you can eat beef brisket, sausage, ribs, fried catfish, frog legs, shrimp, salmon patties, and all the trimmings for $9 a person.  Can’t touch that price anywhere!

  1. sis
    February 27, 2012 at 3:17 am

    love that concert hall…..


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