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More night photography

We had some very interesting photographers for another night photo shoot.  Two were forensic photographers, meaning they took the pictures at murder and accident scenes.  Maybe not my cup of tea (one bragged he has shot over 600 bodies), but they used some interesting techniques using simple pen lights to take photos.  Once you understand this method, you can highlight specific portions of a scene.

So below are several images.  Three were shot using the colored flood light apporach, two were done using only a simple small pen light and long exposures,and finally two more traditional flash pictures of a ring tailed cat.  These animals are elusive, so I was lucky to get these shots.  This cat is also the Arizona State Mammal.

Drover shed and wind mill using colored flood lights

Wind mill with stars in the background

Colored lights highlight the Clevinger house

Garden gate, using only a small pen light as a light source

Using a flash light to highlight body contours

Ring tailed cat in a tree (they eat berries)

Another shot of the cat

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