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Petroglyphs in the Superstition Mountains

For 2,000 years, local Indians have carved a record of their lives on rock faces in the mountains.  They leave behind a legacy that is fascinating, yet hard to decipher.  We have seen great petroglyphs last year in Utah, now we have found some in Arizona.

The way to the canyon was rough and rocky but easily passable.  It would have been easier if it wasn’t so blasted hot, but then, this is Arizona…

The petroglyphs are in the canyon, uop ahead

It wasn't all smooth walking to get there....

Now we get to see some

You can see the relative size here

Lots of petroglyphs

A cave where Indians sheltered for centuries

Indians used these holes to grind their corn

Lots of these little buggers, all at ankle height!

A collared lizard watches us head back

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