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Lake Tahoe area

We spent the weekend in Carson City, NV, parked in the RV lot of a casino.  Actually, it was inexpensive, the park adequate, and Romola won enough to pay for dinners and two nights stay.   Who says you can’t beat the odds?

Saturday we went on a hike to Skunk Cove, a beautiful cove on Lake Tahoe.  Here we found the summer home of a wealthy industrialist, who had the home — along with guest quarters, separate kitchens, etc. etc. built in 1927.  Cost was no object, all the stones and other materials were shipped by boat as there was no road.  The hike itself was fairly strenuous as it dropped 700 feet or so to the lake.  Of course, we had to hike back uphill all the way…. and at 8,000 ft. altitude as well!

Sunday we decided on a less strenuous hike around Spooner Lake.  We saw strange, colorful objects hanging from tress, and had no idea what these were.  We were unaware that this was a special Arts weekend, and there were magic acts, singers, dancers and specialist acts around the lake.  Each of these objects meant some act was nearby.  Sure made for a different hike!

A view of Lake Tahoe from the road to Reno

Part way down. You can see the cove almost in the middle of this picture.

A view from Skunk Cove

And another view from Skunk Cove

The summer home, part of the main building

The trail to the lake. Lots of Aspens!

A view of the lake

Another view of the lake, through the pine trees

What was this strange object, hanging from a tree?

A singer along the trail

No idea what this contraption was, but it was on bungee cords....

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  1. Linda Creagh
    September 19, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    what a wonderful discovery–hiking and arts. Linda


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