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Pacific City, Tillamook OR

Our next stop was near Pacific City, OR.  This area is known for its surf, and its cheese.  While we were there there was a surf wave runner competition, an these guys make those machines fly!  Definitely not for the weak of heart.

On our last day we toured the famous Tillamook Cheese factory.  Interesting tour, and had some great ice cream (the other thing they’re famous for).  It’s quite an operation, and uses some 1.1 million pounds of milk a day.

Finally, on the way back we noticed a huge building marked “AIR MUSEUM”.  This was one of the 17 dirigible hangers built in WW2 to protect our coast.  The remaining building (one burned 20 years ago) nowhouse an interesting assortment of static and flyable historical aircraft.

One of the four Haystack Rocks, this one in Pacific City

Pacific City beach, looking north

Man, that water is cold!

Here is a competitor jumping a wake....

..... and here he is, going just a bit too far!

That looks a little better!

Tillamook Dairy

On the cheese production line

A long distance view of the Air Museum

A P-51 Mustang (WW2)

A Russian MIG-17 (Korean war)

A Messerschmidt war plane (German WW2)

Our cozy parking spot

  1. sis
    September 13, 2011 at 1:55 am

    Last summer we were her too with Tony and Ita…
    We skipped the airmuseum but did see the cheese factory and tasted the cheese and icecream.mmmmmmmmm


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