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Vancouver, BC

Tanya and Shane booked an Alaska cruise out of Vancouver, with a few days beforehand to meet with family.  So we stayed in the area so we could join them.  We had a great time meeting family and sightseeing!  Vancouver is one of my favorite cities, of course, I’m prejudiced since I grew up there….

Thanks to Jack and Cindy for putting us up for a few nights, and Al, Cheryl, Wilma and all the others for their help for  a very tasty family dinner!  We had a terrific time, especially meeting all 28 relatives!

Since I didn’t bring my computer, this blog covers 5 days and has been severly limited.  Yet it is still long, some 30 pictures.  Hope you like them!

Cindy and Jack Laninga, our gracious hosts

A view over Lake Harrison at Harrison Hot Sprimgs

Tanya and Shane, at the Boardwalk restaurant on English Bay

Tanya and Shane at the Olympic torch

Vancouver does have a very eclectic population....

Tracy (great niece?) and her friend Mike

Tanya on the big screen

A Chinese musical, right outside our restaurant

A dolphin at Vancouver Aquarium

Jellyfish exhibit

Tanya in the viewing bubble

Not to be outdone, Shane takes a peek....

Entrance to the Vancouver Aquarium

At Chrislan, on the production line

      Richard and Linda. Hard to realize I’ve known Linda over 60 years                        (and she’s only 39!)

A swan, posing on Lost Lagoon

A view of the Lost Lagoon fountain, Vancouver skyline

Gardens at Stanley Park

A view of the Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park

A view of Vancouver from Grouse Mountain

Shane was kind of cold up at altitude...

Another view of Vancouver from Grouse Mountain

And a view back toward the mountain range

Along the beach, an Innukshuk statue

Excellent fresh produce at Granville Market (Vancouver)

Not too shabby at the meat counter either!

A little something for desert

Historical vs. modern totem poles

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  1. sis
    August 26, 2011 at 11:42 am

    beautiful pictures and yes, of course I recognize Linda and Richard. We talked an hour on the phone last wednesday – she’s great!
    Can’t imagine we were there a year ago – homesick already!

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