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Sauk Mountain hike – spectacular!

Mt. Sauk is a very popular hike in this area.  However, when we got close we said “crap!” because ahead of us we could see the very steep climb to the top.  With many switchbacks, and a narrow, sometimes soft trail it was sure to be a challenge.  And it was, but not as bad as we expected.  We did see one guy fall off the trail, but fortunately he was only mildly banged up.

But once on top of all the switchbacks it was magnificent.  We had to traverse snowfields, and some rather dangerous sections, but the view was worth it.  This has been one of the most spectacular hikes we’ve done in the NorthWest.

Look close, and you can see the trail switchbacking all the way to the to the top.

A closer view of the switchbacks

Halfway up the trail looking back. Skagit River down below.

Catching some local flowers with the scenery.

A view of the trail on the way up

And the trail keeps climbing....

Looking back the way we came. Parking lot visible too.

Once over the top the rst of the hike is visible

Romola, traversing one of the snow fields

What a view.....

The trail goes that-a-way!

Another view from the top. Romola's blue hat is visible too!

The views just don't stop coming.

On the way back we noticed Mt. Baker peeking around a corner.

And let's not forget all the wildflowers growing in profusion

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