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Fourth on the water

When our friend Steve invited us to watch Seattle’s spectacular fireworks from his boat, we jumped at the chance.  Little did we realize we would be on a 62 foot superyacht!  Seems like some of Stave and Kathy’s friends are yacht brokers and they took one of their yachts to Seattle, and we watched the fireworks from the front lounge on the ship.  Must make a plug here… it was a fabulous yacht, and it’s for sale, so if you have a spare $1.7 million laying around….

So we took Steve’s boat to their friends dock on Lake Union, where the fireworks were to take place.  It was quite crowded with all size boats.  As dusk approached, so did a flotilla of boats, from kayaks to yachts, really filling up the bay.   A little after 10:00, the fireworks started.  The Seattle show is one of the top rated in the nation, and it was fantastic, with some fireworks effects we’ve never seen before.  Fantastic!

The fun wan’t over, though.  After the display, some 5,000 boats of all sizes streamed through the ship canal, resulting in a massive bottleneck of boats.  Some boat operators had obviously tilted the bubbly a bit…

Anyway, it was a great day and a most impressive way to watch fireworks.

Steve getting his 26ft Cobalt ready to launch

A view back to Mt. Rainier as we head to meet our friends

There's our ship, docked on Lake Union

Inside the salon

Inside captain's station

Galley images

Master bedroom (total of 3 BR on board)

Engine room - twin 730HP Yanmar diesels

At last, dusk settles late here, it's 9:30PM

A small image, hard to take pictures with my little camera

Time to say goodbye to the Navigator....


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