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Chirico Trail and Paragliding

Paragliding is very popular here, partly because there is a natural take-off site on Tiger Mountain, right behind where we are camped.  On a sunny weekend, it isn’t unusual to see a dozen or more paragliders, gently gliding down to earth.  Because of the terrain, these ‘glides can last up to 3 hours!

There is a hiking trail (Chirico Trail) that leads to the top, so Romola and I decided to hike it and take a look.  That was quite a hike!  2 1/2 miles long, and it gained about 1,600ft in altitude.  We were a’huffin and a’puffin on the way up!  But once there it was a beautiful sight, with Mt. Rainier visible from the South Takeoff Zone.

We were lucky enough to catch one of the top paragliders getting ready to take off, so we talked for a while and snapped some pictures of his start.  Beautiful!  Then, we had to walk all the way back, not easy with the steep terrain.

After watching this guy take off, and learning that he give instructions and tandem paraglides, we’re thinking maybe we should experience this while we are here.  Especially as our quads were burning from the long descent!  We’ll see…..

2 1/2 miles of this makes for tired legs

Mount Rainier, from Take-off Zone South....

Romola enjoying lunch, and the view

Looking north. Lake Sammamish and Bellevue are visible.

Todd laying out his flying gear

And there he goes!

Now doesn't that look like fun?

And finally, a soft landing ends the ride.

Boy, that sure looks like fun!

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