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Ah, Seattle!

Of course, the first stop in Seattle had to be Pikes Place Market, as well as Ivar’s Fish ‘n Chips.  Since we had decent weather, this is where we went today.  We parked down at the waterfront, and walked up to the market.  Good way to get our legs in hiking shape!

The Market itself was as we remembered — busy, all kinds of food and artisan items, and crowds.  Yes, we did see the flying fish.  By the time we left the market we had spent around $100 on fresh fish and produce.  Alder smoked salmon, smoked black cod, halibut steaks, fresh lychees, cherries, and more.  This will be our first time to try elephant garlic shoots at dinner tonight .. gotta love the variety!

Then we had lunch at Ivar’s and met some locals.  To me,the fish ‘n chips is the best anywhere.  After lunch, we went to the Uwajimaya Market, an Asian market with goods we’ve never seen (or tasted) before.   I’m anxious to try the Kobe Brisket tomorrow, never had of that before, either.   In any case, we ended up with a basket full of goodies.

All in all, Seattle is living up to it’s foodie reputation!

The much photographed Market

Fresh fish, anyone?

Dungeness crab cocktail, a big helping, only $9

Aha! My favorite lunch place!

A local joined us for lunch

A fountain near the Seattle aquarium

A rather unusual light fixture

Really fresh seafood at Uwajimaya Market

The first totem pole to be carved in Seattle for 70 years

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  1. sis
    July 1, 2011 at 3:50 am

    looks good and delicious -how do you manage to keep your weight down? tell me the secret…… sis


  2. Susan Kercher
    July 2, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Hi J & R, we are in Georgetown Texas. We actually broke down here (leaf spring on RV of course on Fri before holiday weekend!) Contacted Sue and Joe but they may be at their kids. Deanna and John are here in the same campground (small world)! We did have a great time at the rally by the way! While in Seattle check out the underground tour. It’s pretty interesting! Keep on having fun, we are enjoying the pictures and blog!…Susan & Ted Kercher


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