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Portland’s food carts

Portland (OR) is known for their food carts.  Here, people have an assigned space and put up a fast food cart.  Almost all are ethnic, so you have all kinds of foods… Mexican, Indian, Czech, Thai and so on.  We decided to check them out.

We found a “pod” of food carts, parked the car, and had some very good lunch.  We found that the food was indeed excellent, and cheap, too!  And very popular.  At lunch time, people streamed out of their offices (hey, it was a sunny day, too!) and ate on the street.

We left satisfied on learning something new.  As we drove away, we found several more pods, in fact, the one we were at is one of the smaller ones!  At my estimate, there has to be some 100 carts in Portland, and all vying for the top rating.

A view from across the street

Cajun food

This Czech cart is one of the top rated

Decisions, decisions...

Maybe some Thai food?

Gourmet cooking, on a small scale

We ate at this one because it had high reviews

So we had Pad Thai and Tom Kah soup, total $11 for lunch for both of us.  It was some of the best Pad Thai I’ve had, but I’m gonna have to go back for the Polish sausage….

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