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Oneonta Gorge/Triple Falls

The Oneonta Gorge is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in the Pacific Northwest.  It is laced with many trails along the river, with waterfalls all over the place.  But the Gorge is steep and rough, making some of the hikes dangerous.  During the three weeks we’ve been here, two hikers fell to their deaths  in the Gorge.

However, if you stay on the trails and use some care it all is easily doable.  So we selected to hike up to Triple Falls and beyond, a nice hike totaling about 4 miles. Great way to spend a day.

The trail up

The trail does get steep and rough

A look upriver

Some pretty flowers along the path

A view of Triple Falls

To get that picture, you've got to get close to the edge

On the way back, watch your step... it's a long way down!

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