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A steep hike on Beacon Rock

In 1806 Lewis and Clark discovered a huge rock outcropping on the Columbia River,which they named Beacon Rock.  It is almost 900 feet tall and 400 feet in diameter.  In the early 1900’s there was talk about blowing it up to make crushed rock for other projects.  Fortunately, this did not happen.

In 1915, the property was bought (for $1) by Henry Biddle, who wanted to build a path to the top.  This he did, finishing the tortuous trail in 1918.  The same path still exists today, and is now a State Park.  We hiked up it today.

An interesting note, he offered the park to the State of Washington in 1935, with the provision it would remain a free park in perpetuity.  Washington turned him down, so he offered it to Oregon.  They did wanted, and annex the property, but as soon as Washington heard this they changed their minds.  It is now a Washington Park.

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