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Friends in Laguna Niguel

We were fortunate to make new friends during our last cruise.  Linda and Rainer Romeike live in Laguna Niguel, close to our travel route.  So we stopped and visited them for a few days.  We truly enjoyed their hospitality, and the time they spent showing us around their part of the world.  And Linda is a great cook….

We found a very nice camp site in Casper’s Wilderness.  Although we were only 7 miles away from the madness of LA traffic, we might as well have been in the back woods somewhere.  The best of both worlds.  A nice diversion from our dash across the country.

After this very pleasant visit we drove to Bakersfield, about 180 miles away, of which 100 miles or so were on Los Angeles highways.  LA is definitely a car lovers dream…. especially if you like traffic.

Linda and Rainer, our friends and hosts

The beach, viewed from Balboa Island

One of the +/- $8MM homes on Balboa Island

Easter decorations on Balboa

Keeping the landscapers busy on Balboa Island

A tall ship moored at Dana Point

On a hike in Caspers Wilderness Park --- look there!

Traffic on the way out of LA

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