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Best steak in the USA?

About 35 miles from El Paso, in the middle of the desert, is a working ranch named Indian Hills Ranch.  They raise their own cattle, and opened a restaurant 40 years ago.  Meat is cut fresh every day, on the ranch.  It has been recognized by People magazine as the best steak in the country.  The restaurant seats 600 people, and on a typical weekend there is a 2 to 3 hour wait.

The ranch as been used for quite a few movies.   There are sets from various movies that are available for view. Als, there are animal pens, hosting a variety of different species.  All is free to dinner guests.  An interesting place to stay — and eat.

Since we were passing by El Paso anyway, we thought we’d stop by for dinner.  What made this especially attractive was free overnight parking.  Sure, no utilities, but hey, it’s free!  So we drove up, navigated the somewhat difficult and curvy drives, and parked.  What a great place to spend some time!  It is sunny, dry, about 72 degrees, just about perfect.

Our spot in the sun. High up on the mesa.

Our motor home, in the theme based parking lot

Entrance to the restaurant

Inside the restaurant

Time to dig into this steak!

Where the buffalo roam....

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  1. Bonnie Allen
    April 21, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Wish we had seen that you were this close!! Next time you plan to come through this direction, let us know. You can park in our Las Cruces driveway! We sold the RV last week, but will be looking for a diesel eventually. We plan to be at Bryce from the end of May through the first part of July. Hope we cross paths again.


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