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Mexican dentistry

There are a host of dentists just across the Mexican border, most of which are American trained with American equipment.  When I say just across the border- well, the back wall of the office is on the US border, and it is an easy walk across the International bridge.  Romola and I had our teeth cleaned, I also had my teeth bleached.  Not much to report, except good service at very low prices.  Our total bill was $230, back in the US it would have pushed somewhere around $750+.  I expect we’ll be back here again next year.

And if you’re the faint of heart type, there is a very nice Margarita bar in the courtyard of the dental complex….

Walking across the US side of the International bridge

The Mexican side of the bridge has a LOT of military presence.

Looking down the main street of Progresso

The dental complex where our dentist is located.

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  1. Jeff & Suzanne
    February 20, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Glad you guys had a good Mexico visit. After 3 tours of Vietnam and a couple of months in The Philippines during some Communist unrest, I’m not going to push my luck any further by going anywhere in Mexico. But, glad you’re OK.


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