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Battleship TEXAS

Battleship TEXAS is the last of the world’s “dreadnoughts”, the big-gun battleships designed and built in the early 1900s.  The TEXAS was commissioned in 1914, and retired in 1948.  She is the only ship to have served in both World Wars.

Now she is on permanent display in La Porte, near Houston.  For a modest fee, you can tour the ship, and get some indication of what it was like to have served on a ship like this.   It is worth the time, but allow 3 to 4 hours as there is much to see.

The ship also logged some firsts.  It was the first to launch an aircraft, heralding the start of aircraft carriers.  And it was the first ship to be equipped with radar.  Even in its last years of duty it was updated with the most modern components.

During WW2, she was struck by large caliber shore guns from Cherbourg, France.  It resulted in the only fatalities in the ships illustrious history.  But it could be worse:  the 1,500 shell skipped on the water and failed to explode. The actual shell is on display in the ship.

A proud ship, with a long and illustrious history

A lot of heavy metal

Berthing rooms were not large, and not private...


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