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Toyota Tundra manufacturing plant

In 2006, Toyota opened a new plant to build Tundra pickup trucks just south of San Antonio, TX.  In 2010 they added the Tacoma to the production line.  They provide free tours, as well as a visitor center with additional displays about the history of the company, production techniques and statistics.  However, no photos allowed so I only added a stock photo to this blog.

This plant has 2,200,00 sq. ft. of space, it is huge!  It employs 6,000 people in 2 shifts, and trucks roll off the assembly line about 1 a minute – usually close to 1,000 trucks a day!  That is one big number!  Fortunately the whole tour was done on a tram otherwise it would have been too far to walk.  If you have a chance, take the tour, it’s free and interesting.

Downloaded stock photo

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