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San Antonio River

While the Riverwalk has made downtown San Antonio River, it is easy to overlook the importance of the San Antonio River itself.  It really is the backbone of the city, and the city is responding with a major renovation of the river and its banks.  Here you will find additional walkways, residential areas, and influential businesses.

We walked the river south from downtown.  Immediately apparent is the various flood control projects, which lowers the rive some 12 feet after downtown.   Then, you pass the HEB grocery store headquarters, with their own unique history.  Originally a US Army Arsenal, HEB bought the closed facility in 1981 and moved their headquarters there.  All renovation was done with an eye to maintaining buildings of historical significance.

A little further is what is now Pioneer Mills, a flour and baking goods provider with history to the mid 1800’s, when Carl Guenther opened a flour mill on the San Antonio River.  Over the years it has grown to the current size, and the original Guenther house is a much visited museum, store, and restaurant.

Flood control gates just south of downtown

HEB HQ viewed from the river walk

River walk - pleasant, shady, and scenic

Pioneer Flour Mills, on the river

On the way back to downtown

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