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Cuba, Route 66

After a pleasant week visiting Romola’s sister, it’s time to head south to Dallas.  Hopefully, Hermine won’t affect us too much as we head down south.

Spent a night in Cuba, Missouri.  Cuba is right on Route 66, the famous north/south and east/west highway of yesteryear.  Old gas stations and other buildings reflect back on this rich heritage.  But before Rte 66, Cuba was a center point for some epic Civil war battles.  After the war, the city thrived and was one of the largest apple producers in the country.  Even now, it is the largest manufacturer of wooden barrels.

In 1901 the People’s Bank was established, in 2001 the bank celebrated its anniversary with big events and notably a painted mural depicted its first teller and long time president.  Soon, the mural became famous, and others followed.  Now there is a whole series depicting historical facts of the area.  Nicely done; below are a few of them.

One of the more interesting ones was the one depicting Amelia Earhart.  Apparently, she “visited” Cuba by having an emergency landing in the city.  Repairs were made, and she was on her way again, but not before it was marked by the city fathers as a visit by a famous personality.  Cute….

Amelia mural

In 1940, Harry Truman visited Cuba on a political speech.  Only two people showed up, because there was a fair going on.  So he grabbed hos Coca Cola crate that he was standing on, walked over to the fair, and gave a much more impassioned speech.  Later, he became president… maybe had his roots here!


This mural is right by the hotel where Truman began his speech

There are also several fantastic murals depicting the Civil War activities in this area.


A commemorative of the battle




If you ever come here, I would recommend the “Missouri Hicks”  BBQ.  As a Texan, I hate to admit it, but the BBQ was excellent, and the decor spectacular.

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  1. sis cathy
    September 10, 2010 at 11:56 am

    glad you;re enjoying your trip (everlasting…) so are we , still in Qualicum |beach…


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