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Polish Festival, Boyne Falls

Northern Michigan has a strong Polish history.  Check out the mailboxes, lots of ****ski’s here!  To celebrate, there is an annual Polish Festival, held in Boyne Falls, MI.  It is very popular and well attended.  The parade, and exhibits, reflect the strong roots in both the automotive industry and agriculture.  And not to forget the food… kielbasa sausage, pierogies, and much more, made in old country fashion.  Guess the diet is going to have to wait a little longer….

A drum and fife band to start the parade

A fully restored 1914 Ford, in my opinion, best of the old cars.

What's this, a 1924 SUV? Station wagon?

A 1930 Ford sedan

Unknown year fire engine

An 1897 (!) Huber steam tractor, still functional!

A very early vintage John Deere tractor

This old Farmall tractor and thresher are both still fully functional

This 1940 Allis-Chalmers can still pull the load at the tractor pull

Chain saw carving demonstration

Ax throw, with ax in mid flight

Old vs. new way of bucking a log (chain saw won)

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