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Lap of Luxury, MH style

Recently a new, luxury motor home resort was opened near Bay Harbor, MI.  Surrounded by gated yacht clubs, gated golf clubs, and gated resorts, this new facility was beautifully landscaped, and well equipped.  The club house includes swimming pool, hot tub, saunas, card rooms, billiard room, party room, and more, all done with an eye for those that are well off.  Nights here cost $85 for a full hookup pad.

Just down the road is a house for sale: 9,000+ sq. ft., 6 baths, 5 bedrooms, and voted 2010 Detroit Home Design award as “Best Vacation Home of 2010”.  Not to shabby, for a vacation home.  Check out http://www.penthouse56.com.

But wait, in an effort to popularize the facility, there were on line coupons giving two nights free!  Just had to take advantage, so we’re parked here for the weekend.  Probably the most luxurious RV spot we’ve ever been at!  Across from us they have an “Open House” on a $1MM Newell motor home.  Ahhhh, living the life we’re (un)accustomed to, or at least, wouldn’t mind!  Too bad it all ends Monday.  Here’s a picture taken out our front window:

A view out of our windshield

And out the back, with club house, tennis courts, and pool

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