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Mackinaw Island

In 1901, a law was passed on Mackinaw Island forbidding motorized vehicles.  That law still exists, so no cars on Mac Isle… only horse drawn carriages.  So a visit tothe Island means lots of walking, cycling, or horse carriages.  But it is a very interesting pace, with a lot of history.

Originally, it was a US fort, with a commanding view over the north end of Lake Michigan.  In 1812, during the British war, it was a British stronghold.  When the war was over, the US got it back, and the fort was abandoned.  The railroad built a very fancy hotel (Grand Hotel), and the migration as an exclusive vacation resort was on.  But now, it is accesible only by boat (or private plane) and is a popular tourist destination.

A view of the bridge from the boat

Residential street scene

Downtown street scene, with horse drawn carriage

A downtown hotel

View of the Grand hotel

Grand Hotel gardens. Note the horse and carriage shaped shrubs, lower left.

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  1. Maxine Stone
    August 6, 2010 at 7:33 am

    Enjoy watching your travels. Maybe you can travel to Ocean Lakes in October. Would love to see you again soon.


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