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Bad driving day; tall ships

Normally, a 90 mile drive is a no brainer but today was the exception.   First, the main highway — I-35 — was closed to large vehicles like ours, and we had a LONG detour.  In fact, we got lost on this detour.  When we were finally on track, we were in downtown Duluth, navigation busy city roads.  To top it off, we had a long descent to the waterfront.  Since the road was full of traffic, and windy, and with stop signs, I didn’t manage my brakes well and when we got to the bottom they were smoking and smelling like burnt metal.  After a cool down, all was well again and we drove on to our camp site.

This was the Tall Ships Festival week in Duluth, with 6 full masted ships stopping over.  We took  walk and viewed the ships, of an era now long gone.  Aaarghh,matey!

The HMS Bounty, coming in to dock

Don't know how you manage all that rigging....

The bowsprit of the "Europa", a Dutch ship

The rigging of the "Europa"

One of the ships returning to harbor

These ships are on a race,and they leave here (Duluth, MN) tomorrow.  However, the exact departure time and place is not pblished.  I had hoped to get a picture of these ships under sail, but the best I can do is a copy of the photo of the “Europa”…

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  1. Ida Cook
    August 3, 2010 at 8:53 am

    That sounds like fun….were you able to get on any of them? I have always been fascinated with the Bounty!…..saw the movie umpteen times…..


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