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Alignment, shopping, and on our way again

When our coach was built, the rear alignment was substantially off, with 5/8″ of toe out.  This caused excessive wear on the left duals, and since these tires cost $600 each that is not good.  Fortunately, we found a competent shop near Minneapolis that specializes in RV tire and chassis work.  So we spent two days here as they worked us in, and out.

Parked in front of the shop

Since they specialize in RVs, they had 50Amp power outlets so we could hook up power and just relax.  While they worked on the coach, we went to the Mall of America (largest mall in the US), bought some clothes, caught a movie, and killed some time.

Thanks to them working on Saturday, we were finished Saturday PM and went on our way.  They did a great job, the coach drove noticeably smoother, and easier as well.  Now on to the casino in Hinckley, then on to Duluth to see if we can catch the Talls Ships festival.

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