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Havre, MT

Havre, MT is a railroad boom and bust town, built in the late 1800’s.  In 1904, there was a major fire in the downtown area, which was totally destroyed.   Some of the local merchants left, others started doing business out of their basements.  Eventually teh town was rebuilt, but the basements remained, as did many of their business.  This includes barber shops, bakeries, pharmacies, dentists, bordellos, and bars.

Today the underground city has been restored and a very informative tour of the “town” is available.  Highly recommended if you are in this area.

Part of the model railroad in the (aboveground) railroad museum

Maintenance workshop

Dental chair (ouch!)

Inside the saloon

Inside the bordello

And, inside the barber shop

There were many more rooms, such as the Chinese laundry, the sausage factory, the cigar factory, and the opium den.  A very interesting few hours in an unexpected place.

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