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Glacier: Avalanche Lake

A very popular hike is the Avalanche Trail to Avalanche Lake.  It is a nice hike, ending with a stunning vista at the Lake.  Along the way, you are rewarded with waterfalls, forests, and some wild animals.  Fortunately, we missed the black bear that had visited this trail a short while before we got there.

This was a ranger led hike, with the ranger giving us very interesting information about the geology, the history, and the flora and fauna of the area.

Avalanche Gorge, near the start of the hike

The water carves a unique pattern in the rocks

A view along the trail

This knot hole caught my attention

Cow parsnips, a favorite food of the local bears

Oops, glad we missed the bear that dropped this!


And finally, Avalanche Lake.

No matter how you take this picture, no matter what camera you use, there is no way to capture the beauty without seeing it in person.  Glacier: we recommend this area in general, and this hike in particular, to everyone.

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