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Hike up Big Mountain

Once we got to Glacier, we found that there was a Charity event for disadvantaged people at Whitefish Resort.  This was a 4 mile hike from the resort base to the summit of Big Mountain, about 2,500ft elevation gain.  The Charity provided pre-hike drinks and energy food, as well as several aid stations on the way up.  It was a good walk, steep in places, and extremely scenic, and we got to the top in about 2 1/4 hours.

At the top there was a nice lunch for all participants, which we enjoyed prior to riding the chair lift back down.  We also enjoyed a couple of rides down the Alpine Slide, shades of the Winter Olympics!  All in all, a great day and for a good cause, too.

Part of the trail on the way up

A view down one of the ski runs

Oops! The last 1/4 mile was definitely the steepest!

Well, this is the last part of the trail...

On the chair lift on the way back down

This is how the cyclists get their bikes up the mountain

We ended the hike with a ride down the Alpine Slide

Go, Romola, go!

  1. sis
    July 21, 2010 at 3:09 am

    that’s right! Keep the child in you alive- looks like fun!!!!


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