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Jones Hole fish hatchery

About 10 miles as the crow flies north of our campsite (and 40 miles as the car drives) there is a beautiful canyon with a terrific hike along a trout filled river.  It is also the location of one of the 370 or so fish hatcheries the NPS uses to stock fish for various lakes and rivers.  Here, in Jones Hole, they raise trout.  So we decided to take the long drive down, and as long as we’re there, do the 6 miles hike.  We’re glad we did.

The road down to Jones Hole. Better check your brakes!

A few of the fish stock tanks.

Some trout beginning their trip to another river

Part of the trail is shaded and and popular with fly fishermen

You just can't get over the enormous and beautiful scenery.

Along the way are some excellent examples of Indian pictographs (rock paintings), about 1,000 years old

Waterfalls add another scenic element

A moving road block on the way back. These guys have no respect for right of way!

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