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Camped at Dinosaur National Monument

The National Park Service provides us with a free campsite while we volunteer.   We were pleased to see our campsite; it is in a quiet and scenic location on the Green River.  We have a paved pad, clean water, 50A power and a sewer connection.  We have reasonable cell phone and poor internet connection (but I’ve ordered an antenna to fix that) so we’re all set.

A view of the camp site from above.

If you look REAL carefully, you can just make out our motor home,  more or less in the middle of the picture.  But you have to know where to look.  That is the Green River that flows by the camp grounds. The Green River is popular for river runners; there is a lot of white water (but not where we are camped).

Parked. Green River, and Split Mountain behind us.

Really, quite a nice place to stay.  No trains, planes, boats or traffic to wake you up at night!

A view upriver from our camp ground

Just as I was taking the above picture two nesting geese flew by and I got this picture:

A pair of geese in flight

We’ve done one hike and will do some more; there is a lot of interesting things to see in this area.  I’ll post some hike pictures later.

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